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NEC Programs

NEC Programs

The National Economists Club hosts regular luncheons and special events throughout the year that highlight economic issues, economic research and data and leaders in economics-related fields.

National Economists Club Luncheons

These events feature keynote speakers who are leaders in their field. Events are held weekly save for summer and Christmas season. Members gain access to cutting edge research and analyses of current issues. These events allow an exchange views and offer ample room for informal networking. Members are admitted at reduced rates.

Past Events

The club holds its yearly banquet in the Fall. Generally convened in a prestigious downtown location, the event showcases an outstanding personality with a keynote address. In addition to summarizing the Club’s activities, the occasion affords an excellent opportunity to mingle with fellow members.

National Economists Club Special Events

The Club occasionally organizes evening programs featuring speakers from the international community. Members and their guests are invited to selected embassies for receptions and talks on country and/or international economic issues. 

NEC NABE & SGE Partner Events

The NEC is a local chapter of the National Association of Business Economics (NABE). NEC members are eligible for reduced-cost services offered by NABE. The NEC has reciprocal agreements with the Society of Government Economists (SGE) and the Wharton Club to allow NEC members access to these clubs’ events at reduced rates.

NEC Speaker Materials

Most presentations are recorded and later posted to the website for subsequent download as podcasts. When slides are used, they are also posted on the web along with rapporteurs’ written summaries. We call these three media ‘The NEC Classroom’ which constitutes a complete set of educational aids perfect as a complement in teaching economics.

Our Mission

The National Economists Club encourages the exchange of ideas on economics, business, and policy through meetings featuring leading experts in the field.

Members, mostly from around the nation’s capital, hail from business, government, academe, nonprofits, and international organizations. Our event programming features regular luncheons, receptions, and other events designed for socializing and networking. NEC is affiliated with the National Association for Business Economics, is nonpartisan, and takes no policy positions.