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NEC Events

NEC events

  • 11/9/23
    NEC Luncheon ‘Strengthening the US Social Safety Net: What Works, What Doesn’t and What To Do About It’ with Aparna Mathur, Harvard Kennedy School
  • 10/26/23
    NEC Webinar: ‘Post Pandemic Global Inflation: Causes and Consequences’ with Richard Clarida, PIMCO 10/5/23 NEC Webinar ‘The Truth About Government Debt’ with Richard Vague
  • 9/28/23
    NEC Fall Happy Hour, Astro Beer Hall
  • 9/7/23
    NEC Webinar: ‘Global Economic Outlook – Key Risks and Opportunities’ with Nathan Sheets, Citi Research
  • 8/10/23
    NEC Summer Luncheon with Isabella Weber, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • 8/03/23
    NEC Webinar: ‘Understanding Post-Pandemic Downtown Recoveries’ with Karen Chapple, University of Toronto
  • 7/27/23
    NEC Webinar: ‘Reporting on a New Age of Crisis at the US Central Bank’ with Jeanna Smialek, NYT
  • 6/29/23
    NEC Webinar: ‘Explaining Inflation after the Pandemic’ with Adam Shapiro, San Francisco Fed
  • 6/15/23
    NEC Webinar: ‘US Macroeconomics and Policy Analysis in Turbulent Times’ with Stephen Miran, Amberwave Partners
  • 5/3/23
    Spring Happy Hour at the Embassy of Canada
  • 3/30/23
    NEC POST-NABE Happy Hour at Statler Lounge, Capital Hilton
  • 3/16/23
    NEC Webinar: ‘The Washington Region’s Economy’ with Keith Waters, George Mason University
  • 2/23/23
    NEC Webinar: ‘Could Stronger Economic Growth Become the Pandemic’s Most Unexpected Outcome?’ with Martin Fleming, The Productivity Institute & Varicent
  • 2/16/23
    NEC Webinar: ‘From Business Starts to Dynamic Industrialization: A Cluster-Based Framework’ with Cliff Waldman, New World Economics, LLC
  • 12/13/22
    NEC Members Winter Reception at the British Embassy
  • 12/1/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘Beyond the Paycheck: Three Employee Compensation Trends for 2023’ with Richard Johnson, Glassdoor
  • 11/10/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘America’s Work Crisis Enters A New Phase’ with Nicholas Eberstadt, American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
  • 11/3/22
    NEC Luncheon: ‘Geopolitical Uncertainty and a Slowing Economy: Focus on Inflation, the Fed, and Rising Household Financial Stress’ with Robert Wescott, Keybridge
  • 9/29/22
    NEC Webinar ‘Clean Energy Technologies: US Competitiveness and the Drive to Net Zero Emissions’ with Ellen Hughes-Cromwick
  • 9/22/22
    NEC Webinar ‘The United States vs China: The Quest for Global Economic Leadership’ with Fred Bergsten, PIIE
  • 7/28/22
    NEC 2022 Summer Signature with Phillip Swagel, CBO
  • 7/21/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘The Health of the U.S. Consumer’ with Joseph Mayans, Experian
  • 7/14/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘High Inflation and Slower Global Economic Growth’ with Karen Dynan, Harvard University & PIIE
  • 6/16/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘Changes in the U.S. Real Estate Market’ with Taylor Marr, Redfin
  • 6/9/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘The FY2023 Defense Budget and Broader Trends in Defense Spending’ with Seamus P. Daniels, CSIS
  • 5/26/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘Fiscal Policy in a Time of High Inflation’ with Marc Goldwein, CRFB
  • 5/19/22
    NEC Happy Hour at Blackfinn DC
  • 5/12/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘DeFi: Shadow Banking 2.0?’ with Hilary Allen, American University
  • 4/21/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘Energy Markets in a Time of Crisis’ with Dean Foreman, American Petroleum Institute
  • 4/14/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘Corporate Credit Risk Emerging From The Pandemic’ with Michael Ryan, S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • 3/31/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘Our National Space Economy: The Impact of NASA Spending and Space-related Production on the US Economy’ with Alexander MacDonald (NASA) and Tina Highfill (BEA)
  • 3/24/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘Can Sanctions Derail Putin’s War in Ukraine?’ with Jeffrey Schott, Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)
  • 3/22/22
    NEC Meet-Up at the 38th Annual NABE Economic Policy Conference
  • 3/24/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘Can Sanctions Derail Putin’s War in Ukraine?’ with Jeffrey Schott, Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)
  • 3/22/22
    NEC Meet-Up at the 38th Annual NABE Economic Policy Conference
  • 3/17/22
    NEC Webinar: ‘The “Great Resignation” and the US Labor Market in 2021-22: What the Data Show’ with Harry Holzer, Georgetown University, Brookings Institution
  • 2/17/22
    NEC Webinar: Economic Cracks in the Great Wall of China: Is China's Current Economic Model Sustainable? w/ Thomas Duesterberg, Hudson Institute
  • 10/28/21
    NEC Webinar: COP26: Expectations, Challenges, and the Transition to a Net-Zero Economy w/ Stuart Mackintosh, Group of Thirty
  • 7/15/21
    NEC Webinar: The U.S. Labor Force – Latest Trends in the Road to Recovery w/ Dr. Stephanie Aaronson, The Brookings Institution
  • 7/8/21
    NEC Webinar: Real Estate Market Overview and Economic Impacts w/ Dr. Svenja Gudell, Zillow
  • 7/1/21
    NEC Webinar: Policy Options for Student Loans w/ Dr. Constantine Yannelis, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • 6/17/21
    NEC Webinar: Economic Overview of U.S. Agriculture w/ Dr. Seth Meyer, US Department of Agriculture
  • 6/3/21
    NEC Webinar: Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Immigration w/ Pia Orrenius, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
  • 5/27/21
    NEC Members Virtual Happy Hour
  • 5/20/21
    NEC Webinar: The Economics of Giving: Nonprofits in a Pandemic World w/ Una Osili, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Indiana University
  • 5/13/21
    NEC Webinar: The Post(?)-Pandemic Outlook for U.S. Construction w/ Kenneth D. Simonson, The Associated General Contractors of America
  • 5/6/21
    NEC Webinar: Risk & Resilience - Billion Dollar Disaster Analysis and U.S. Infrastructure w/ Adam Smith, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • 4/29/21
    NEC Webinar: China and the US: Long-term Challenges and Current Policy Priorities w/ Dr. Mary E. Lovely, Peterson Institute & Syracuse University
  • 4/22/21
    NEC Webinar: How High Will Inflation & Rates Go? w/ Dr. Mark Zandi, Moody's Analytics
  • 4/15/21
    NEC Webinar: What's Next for the US Labor Market? w/ Dr. Jed Kolko, Chief Economist, Indeed Hiring Lab
  • 4/1/21
    NEC Webinar: Inflation Fears and the Biden Stimulus: Look to the Korean War, Not Vietnam w/ Joseph Gagnon, Peterson Institute for International Economics
  • 3/18/21
    NEC Webinar: Boom-Bust Oil Prices: No End In Sight w/ Bob McNally, Rapidan Energy Group
  • 3/11/21
    NEC Webinar: Semiconductor Shortages and the U.S. Economy w/ Cliff Waldman (New World Economics), Falan Yinug (Semiconductor Industry Association), Shawn DuBravac (Avrio Institute), and Haig Stoddard (Wards Intelligence)
  • 3/4/21
    NEC Webinar: Post-Pandemic Prospects for the Japanese Economy w/ Professor Motoshige Itoh, Gakushuin University
  • 12/10/20
    NEC Webinar: The Cycles Meet: Political Change and Conflict in the Coming Decade w/ Aaron Mannes, University of Maryland
  • 11/13/20
    NEC Webinar: Economic Prospects After the 2020 Presidential Election w/ Gregory Daco (Oxford Economics), Diane Lim (Economist Mom Blog & GWU), & Michael Strain (American Enterprise Institute), Moderated by Danny Bachman (Deloitte)
  • 10/29/20
    NEC Webinar: Five Common Misconceptions about Global Manufacturing w/ Kasra Ferdows, Georgetown University
  • 10/23/20
    NEC Webinar: America's Opioid Crisis - Origins, Economic Impact, Predictions w/ Salley Satel & Alex Brill, American Enterprise Institute
  • 10/15/20
    NEC Webinar: Housing's New Normal and How We're Tracking It w/ Danielle Hale,
  • 9/24/20
    NEC Webinar: Prioritizing Physical and Behavioral Health in the Wake of COVID-19 w/ Janna Remes and Kana Enmoto, McKinsey and Company
  • 9/10/20
    NEC Webinar: The Role of Public Private Partnerships in Technology Development w/ Rob Atkinson, Information and Technology Innovation Foundation
  • 9/3/20
    NEC Webinar: The Future of Office Space Post-COVID-19: A Nuanced Approach w/ Victor Calanog, Moody's Analytics
  • 8/19/20
    NEC Summer Signature Webinar: A Conversation with Thomas Barkin, President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
  • 8/3/20
    NEC Webinar: The Past, Present, and Future of Business Bankruptcy w/ Katherine Waldock, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business
  • 7/2/20
    NEC Webinar: COVID-19: Impact and Implications for Hospitals w/ Ashley Thompson, American Hospital Association
  • 6/18/20
    NEC WEBINAR: FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION & COVID-19 W/ LUISA FERNANDEZ-WILLEY (Association of American Railroads) AND BOB COSTELLO (American Trucking Associations)
  • 5/28/20
  • 5/21/20
    NEC Webinar: COVID-19 and the US Farm Industry w/ John Newton, American Farm Bureau Federation
  • 5/13/20
    NEC Webinar: Commercial Aviation: Rapid Descent to Gradual Climb-Out w/ John Heimlich, Airlines for America
  • 5/7/20
    NEC Webinar: COVID-19 and the Global Recession w/ Robert Wescott, Keybridge Research
  • 4/29/20
    NEC Webinar: Small Business and COVID-19 w/ Michael Chow, National Federation of Independent Business
  • 4/14/20
    NEC Webinar: US Manufacturing Crisis and Beyond w/ Cliff Waldman (New World Economics), Kristin Dziczek (Center for Automotive Research, and Don Leavens (National Electrical Manufacturers Association
  • 2/27/20
    NEC w/ Eric Parrado, Inter-American Development Bank
  • 2/20/20
    NEC w/ Alan Blinder, Princeton University
  • 1/30/20
    NEC w/ Katherine Cullen, National Retail Federation
  • 1/21/20
    NEC w/ Gregory Daco, Oxford Economics
  • 1/9/20
    NEC w/ Kenneth Austin, US Department of Treasury
  • 12/12/19
    NEC w/ Hester Peirce, US Securities & Exchange Commission
  • 11/21/19
    NEC w/ David Beckworth, Mercatus Center
  • 11/7/19
    NEC 51st Annual Dinner & Herbert Stein Memorial Lecture: Dale Jorgenson
  • 10/31/19
    NEC w/ Ike Brannon, Jack Kemp Foundation
  • 10/24/19
    NEC Happy Hour
  • 10/17/19
    NEC w/ Ken Simonson, AGCA
  • 10/10/19
    NEC w/ Doug Meade, Inforum
  • 10/3/19
    NEC w/ Ryan Nunn, Brookings
  • 9/26/19
    NEC w/ John Newton, AFBF
  • 9/19/19
    NEC w/ Robert Graboyes, Mercatus Center, GMU
  • 9/12/19
    NEC w/ Chad Bown, PIIE
  • 9/5/19
    NEC w/ Frank Nothaft, CoreLogic
  • 8/6/19
    Summer Signature Luncheon with Dr. James Bullard, President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  • 7/18/19
    NEC Happy Hour Event with Michael Uhrich, The Beer Institute
  • 6/20/19
    NEC w/ Dean Foreman, American Petroleum Institute (API)
  • 6/13/19
    NEC w/ Chad Moutray, National Association of Manufacturers
  • 6/6/19
    NEC w/ Lawrence Korb, Center for American Progress
  • 5/30/19
    NEC Happy Hour
  • 5/23/19
    NEC w/ Aaron Klein, Brookings Institution
  • 5/16/19
    NEC w/ Carolyn Evans, Intel Corporation
  • 5/9/19
    NEC w/ Nayantara Hensel, FHFA
  • 4/30/19
    NEC w/ Stuart Mackintosh, The Group of Thirty
  • 4/25/19
    NEC w/ Cliff Waldman, NEC President's Address
  • 4/18/19
    NEC w/ Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti, IMF
  • 4/11/19
    NEC w/ Bob Lerman, Urban Institute
  • 4/4/19
    NEC w/ John Mayo, Georgetown University
  • 3/28/19
    NEC w/ Akrur Barua, Deloitte
  • 3/12/19
    NEC w/ Mark Zandi, Moody's Analytics
  • 3/7/19
    NEC w/Christopher Kurz, Federal Reserve Board & Members Meeting
  • 2/21/19
    NEC w/ David Sicilia, U of Maryland
  • 2/14/19
    NEC w/ Aparna Mathur, AEI
  • 2/7/19
    NEC & SGE w/ William Wiatrowski, BLS
  • 1/31/19
    NEC w/ John Mayo, Georgetown University
  • 1/24/19
    NEC w/ George Selgin, CATO Institute
  • 1/17/19
    NEC w/ Eswar Prasad, Cornell University
  • 1/10/19
    NEC w/ Doug Holtz-Eakin
  • 12/17/18
    NEC Holiday Reception at the British Embassy
  • 12/4/18
    NEC "An Automated World" Panel & Luncheon
  • 11/15/18
    NEC w/ Ellen Zentner
  • 11/1/18
    NEC w/ Patrick Manzi
  • 10/25/18
    NEC & SGE w/ Melanie Duncan
  • 10/17/18
    NEC 50th Anniversary Dinner & Herbert Stein Memorial Lecture: Henry Kaufman
  • 10/11/18
    NEC w/ Joseph Cordes
  • 9/27/18
    NEC w/ Tony Padilla
  • 9/20/18
    2018 NEC Summer Signature Event w/ Greg Ip
  • 9/13/18
    NEC Happy Hour with Jeff Schlagenhauf
  • 9/6/18
    NEC w/ Donald Losman
  • 7/26/18
    NEC President's Address with Mike Ryan
  • 7/19/18 NEC w/ Alan Viard
  • 7/12/18
    NEC w/ Kris Bledowski
  • 6/28/18
    NEC & SGE w/ Lucia Foster
  • 6/21/18
    NEC w/ Bryan Roberts
  • 6/7/18 NEC w/ Eugene Steuerle
  • 5/24/18
    NEC w/ Jay Shambaugh
  • 5/15/18
    NEC Happy Hour with Don Johnson
  • 5/10/18
    NEC Happy Hour w/ Eli Dourado
  • 5/3/18 NEC w/ Mark Calabria
  • 4/26/18
    NEC w/ Keith Hall
  • 4/19/18
    NEC w/
  • 4/12/18
    NEC w/ Jim O'Sullivan
  • 4/5/18 NEC w/ Clyde Prestowitz
  • 3/29/18
    NEC w/ Michael Horrigan
  • 3/22/18
    NEC/SGE w/ James Broughel
  • 3/15/18
    NEC w/ Nicholas Lardy & Members Meeting
  • 3/8/18 NEC w/ Firas Modad
  • 3/1/18
    NEC w/ J. Anthony Curcio
  • 2/20/18
    NEC Happy Hour with Bert Ely (Bitcoin discussion)
  • 2/8/18
    NEC w/ Ken Simonson
  • 2/1/18 NEC w/ Alice Rivlin
  • 1/25/18
    NEC w/ Christopher Hooton
  • 1/18/18
    NEC/SGE w/ Demetra Nightingale
  • 1/11/18
    NEC w/ Harold Furchtgott-Roth, Net Neutrality
  • 1/4/18 NEC w/ Marc Goldwein
  • 12/21/17
    NEC w/ John Heimlich
  • 11/16/17
    NEC w/ Marc Goldwein
  • 11/2/17
    NEC w/ Kevin Swift, American Chemistry Council
  • 10/26/17 NEC/SGE w/ Jeanette Chapman
  • 10/20/17
    2017 NEC Herbert Stein Memorial Lecture and Annual Members Dinner: Janet Yellen
  • 10/12/17
    NEC w/ Wayne Abernathy
  • 10/5/17
    NEC w/ Michael Garcia, NIST
  • 9/28/17 NEC w/ Caroline Freund
  • 9/21/17
    NEC/SGE w/ Fiona Sussan
  • 9/7/17
    NEC w/ Steven Payson
  • 7/20/17
    NEC w/ Fei Yu, Asian Development Bank
  • 7/11/17 2017 NEC Ambassador Address w/ Professor Ken Rogoff
  • 6/29/17
    NEC w/ John Anton, IHS Markit
  • 6/22/17
    NEC w/ Scott Winship
  • 6/15/17
    NEC w/ Anthony Elson, Author & Int'l Economist
  • 6/8/17 NEC w/ Nayantara Hensel
  • 6/1/17
    NEC w/ Daniel Ahn, U.S. Department of State
  • 5/25/17
    NEC w/ Stephen Moore
  • 5/18/17
    NEC w/ Arun Raha, Eaton Corporation
  • 5/11/17 NEC w/ Robert Graboyes, Mercatus Center
  • 5/4/17
    NEC w/ Joe Gagnon, Peterson Institute for International Economics
  • 4/27/17
    NEC w/ Maya MacGuineas, CRFB President
  • 4/20/17
    NEC w/ Doug Holtz-Eakin, American Action Forum
  • 4/13/17 NEC w/ Kyle Pomerleau, Tax Foundation
  • 4/6/17
    NEC Kakehashi Scholars 2017: Lessons from Japan
  • 3/30/17
    NEC w/ Thomas Laubach, Federal Reserve Board of Govenors
  • 3/23/17
    NEC w/ Tate Nurkin, Jane's Aerospace and Defense
  • 3/16/17 NEC w/ John Buckley
  • 2/28/17
    NEC w/ Professor Shujiro Urata, Waseda University
  • 2/22/17
    "Economics of Czech Wine" by Orley Ashenfelter at the Czech Embassy
  • 2/16/17
    NEC w/ Peter Merrill:Destination-Based Cash Flow Taxation
  • 2/9/17 NEC w/ CBO Director Keith Hall: The Budget and Economic Outlook
  • 2/2/17
    NEC w/Joseph Minarik: "There is no budget yet. Any questions?"
  • 1/26/17
    NEC w/ Don Kohn: "Challenges for Monetary Policy from the Policy Agenda of the New Administration and Congress"
  • 1/12/17
    NEC w/Stephen Ezell
  • 1/5/17 NEC w/ Joe Antos: Healthcare Reform in the New Administration
  • 12/15/16
    NEC w/ Thomas Stanton: "Federal Credit Programs: Strengths, Limitations, and Lessons Learned"
  • 12/8/16
    NEC w/Thomas Hogan, Senate Banking Committee
  • 12/1/16
    NEC w/ Stefanie Haeffele-Balch, Mercatus Center
  • 11/3/16 2016 NEC Herbert Stein Memorial Lecture and Annual Members Dinner: Sebastian Mallaby
  • 10/25/16
    Economics of Beer w/Bill Butcher CEO of Port City Brewery Company (NEC Members and BAH Employees Only)
  • 10/20/16
    NEC w/David Malpass, Trump Campaign
  • 10/13/16
    NEC w/Jill Janocha Redmond, BLS
  • 10/6/16 NEC w/Erin Gulick, Export-Import Bank
  • 10/5/16
    NEC w/Laura Tyson,
  • 9/29/16
    NEC w/Nela Richardson, Chief Economist, Redfin
  • 9/16/16
    NEC w/ Lilja Alfreðsdóttir, Icelandic Minister, Foreign Affairs
  • 9/15/16 NEC w/ Paul Atkins, Former SEC Commissioner: "Nanny Economics: Regulatory Expansion, Economic Repression"
  • 9/8/16
    NEC w/ Mei Fong: "One Child: The Story of China's Most Radical Experiment"
  • 7/28/16
    NEC w/ William Beach, Mercatus
  • 7/21/16
    NEC w/ Peter Kelley, American Wind Energy Association
  • 7/7/16 NEC w/ Justin Antonipillai, Counselor to Penny Pritzker, DOC Secretary
  • 6/29/16
    NEC w/ J. Robert Vastine, Senior Industry and Innovation Fellow
  • 6/22/16
    NEC w/ Stuart Mackintosh, Group of Thirty: "The Brexit Referendum"
  • 6/16/16
    NEC w/ Rob Atkinson, ITIF: "Why the U.S. Needs a New Productivity Strategy"
  • 6/10/16 NEC w/ w/Kakehashi Scholars Elliot Nethercutt and Jessie Yu
  • 6/2/16
    NEC w/ Don Norman, MAPI: “Lagging Investment in Manufacturing: "Causes and Implications"
  • 5/27/16
    NEC--Williams DC Alumni w/Will Kuntz from Major League Soccer
  • 5/12/16
    NEC w/ Sandra Black, Council of Economic Advisers CEA
  • 5/5/16 NEC w/ Greg Ip, The Wall Street Journal: "Paradoxes of Banking Crises"
  • 4/28/16
    NEC w/ Michael Ryan, IHS Global Insight: "Shifting Tides: Global Fixed Investment Outlook"
  • 4/19/16
    NEC w/Ken Fujita, Bank of Japan: "The Bank of Japan's Negative Interest Rate Policy: Design, Goal and Market Reaction"
  • 4/14/16
    NEC w/ Jay Shambaugh, Council of Economic Advisers CEA: “The Global Economic Situation”
  • 4/8/16 NEC w/ Melissa Kearney, UMD and The Brookings Institution
  • 3/31/16
    NEC w/ Lisa Emsbo-Mattingly, Fidelity Investments: "What Does China Mean to the US?"
  • 3/17/16
    NEC/SGE w/Nadia Karamcheva, Congressional Budget Office
  • 3/10/16
    NEC w/ Steven M. Rosenthal, Urban Institute
  • 2/18/16 NEC w/ Chad Moutray, NAM
  • 2/11/16
    NEC w/ Harold Furtchtgott-Roth, Ph. D., Hudson Institute
  • 2/4/16
    NEC w/ Derek Scissors, American Enterprise Institute
  • 1/28/16
    NEC w/ Erica Groshen, BLS
  • 1/21/16 NEC/SGE w/Adele Morris, The Brookings Institution
  • 1/14/16
    NEC w/ Kent Hughes, Woodrow Wilson Center
  • 1/7/16
    NEC w/ Patrick Cirillo, International Monetary Fund
  • 12/17/15
    NEC w/ Kevin Frick
  • 12/10/15 NEC at The Embassy of the United Kingdom w/Alice Campbell, Economic Counsellor
  • 11/19/15
    NEC/SGE w/Mark Huggett
  • 11/4/15
    NEC Herbert Stein Memorial Lecture and Annual Members Dinner: Stanley Fischer, FRB
  • 29-Oct
    NEC w/ Martin Baily, The Brookings Institution
  • 10/15/15 NEC/SGE w/William H. Frey, Brookings
  • 10/8/15
    NEC w/Peter Morici, University of MD: "Economic Outlook: Treacherous Times"
  • 9/30/15
    The NEC Annual Ambassador's Address with Dr. Lawrence H. Summers
  • 9/25/15
    NEC w/Seth Carpenter, Dept of the Treasury
  • 9/17/15 NEC/SGE w/Keith Hall, Congressional Budget Office
  • 7/23/15
    NEC w/Robert Young, Amercian Farm Bureau Federation
  • 7/16/15
    NEC/SGE w/Lesley J. Turner, University of Maryland: "Giving Secondary Earners a Tax Break: A Proposal to Help Low- and Middle-Income Families"
  • 7/9/15
    NEC w/Brian Reid, Investment Company Institute
  • 6/25/15 NEC w/Karen Dynan, US Dept of the Treasury
  • 6/18/15
    NEC/SGE w/Kevin Perese, Congressional Budget Office: "The Distribution of Household Income, Federal Taxes, and Government Spending"
  • 6/11/15
    NEC w/Nicholas Lardy, Petersen Institute for International Economics: "The Rise of Private Business in China"
  • 6/8/15
    NEC w/ Geir H. Haarde, Ambassador of Iceland: "How Iceland Weathered The Financial Crisis"
  • 5/28/15 NEC/SGE w/Norbert Michel, The Heritage Foundation: "Digital Currencies Based on Bitcoin’s Block Chain"
  • 5/14/15
    NEC w/Jeffrey Werling, University of MD, INFORUM
  • 5/7/15
    NEC/SGE w/Olivier Blanchard, IMF
  • 4/23/15
    NEC w/Warren Payne, House Ways and Means
  • 4/16/15 NEC/SGE w/Rob Williams, Resources for the Future
  • 4/9/15
    NEC w/Mark Finley, British Pretoleum
  • 3/26/15
    NEC W/Bill Hoagland, Bipartisan Policy Center
  • 3/19/15
    NEC w/George Selgin, The Cato Institute
  • 3/12/15 NEC w/Levi Tillemann, New America Foundation: The Great Race: The Global Quest For The Car Of The Future
  • 2/26/15
    NEC w/Kevin Moore, Federal Reserve Board of Governors: Changes in U.S. Family Finances: Results from the Survey of Consumer Finances
  • 2/19/15
    NEC/SGE: Peter Tatian, The Urban Institute: “Building an Inclusive City: Affordable Housing in the District of Columbia”
  • 2/12/15
    NEC w/Stan Collender, Qorvis MSLGROUP: "The Federal Budget In A Time Of Madness"
  • 2/5/15 NEC w/Beth Klee, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
  • 1/29/15
    NEC w/Sam Batkins, American Action Forum
  • 1/15/15
    NEC/SGE: Fitzroy Lee, DC OCFO
  • 1/8/15
    NEC w/John Allison, CATO
  • 12/18/14 NEC/SGE: Caroline Ratcliffe, Urban Institute
  • 12/11/14
    NEC w/Arturo Porzecanski, American University
  • 12/4/14
    NEC w/Stephanie Hugie Barello, BLS
  • 11/20/14
    NEC/SGE: Adriana Kugler, Georgetown University
  • 11/13/14 2014 NEC Herbert Stein Memorial Lecture and Annual Members Dinner: N. Gregory Mankiw
  • 11/13/14
    2014 Herbert Stein Mememorial Lecture and Annual Dinner Sponsorships
  • 11/3/14
    NEC w/Simon Johnson, MIT
  • 10/30/14
    NEC w/Robert F. Wescott, Keybridge Public Policy Economics
  • 10/23/14 NEC w/Harold Furchtgott-Roth, Hudson Institute
  • 10/16/14
    NEC/SGE : Shushanik Hakobyan, Fordham University
  • 10/9/14
    NEC w/Thomas Stout, KPMG
  • 10/1/14
    NEC w/ Katsuyuki Kubo, Ph.D., Waseda University, JAPAN
  • 9/25/14 NEC w/Gordon Adams, American University
  • 9/18/14
    NEC/SGE: Mark A. Calabria, CATO Institute
  • 9/11/14
    NEC w/Stuart P.M. Mackintosh, The Group of Thirty
  • 9/4/14
    NEC w/Richard Vague, The Governor's Woods Foundation
  • 7/31/14 NEC w/Peter Boettke, Mercatus Center (GMU) and The Independent Institute
  • 7/24/14
    NEC/SGE: Kara Reynolds, American University
  • 7/17/14
    NEC w/Daniel Gallagher, Embassy of the United Kingdom
  • 7/10/14
    NEC w Eugene Steuerle, Urban Instutite
  • 7/2/14 NEC w/Professor Takashi Omori, Tokyo City University (No Walk-Ins Will be permitted for Security Reasons)
  • 6/26/14
    NEC w/Gary Clyde Hufbauer, PIIE
  • 6/19/14
    NEC w/ Thomas Hoenig, FDIC
  • 6/12/14
    NEC w Ike Brannon, Capital Policy Analytics
  • 6/5/14 NEC w/Dr. Mark Skousen, Chapman University
  • 5/29/14
    NEC w/Linda Dempsey, National Association of Manufacturers
  • 5/22/14
    NEC w/Bernard Weinstein, Southern Methodist University
  • 5/15/14
    NEC/SGE w/ Norton Francis, Tax Policy Institute
  • 5/1/14 NEC w/Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac
  • 4/25/14
    Marek Belka, National Bank of Poland
  • 4/24/14
    NEC w/Charles Kenney, Center for Global Development
  • 4/10/14
    NEC w/Martin A. Sullivan, Tax Analysts
  • 4/3/14 NEC w/ Robert Dugger, Ready Nation Advisory and Invest in Kids Working Group
  • 3/27/14
    NEC w/Robert Graboyes, Mercatus Center
  • 3/20/14
    NEC w/Athanasios Orphanides, MIT
  • 3/13/14
    NEC w/Anthony Elson, JHU SAIS
  • 3/6/14 NEC w/Lee Moak, Airline Pilots Association
  • 2/27/14
    NEC w/Douglas Holtz-Eakin, American Action Forum
  • 2/20/14
    NEC/SGE w/Joseph Rosenberg, Urban Institute
  • 2/6/14
    NEC w/Patrick Anderson, Anderson Economic Group
  • 1/30/14 NEC w/Kenichi Kawasaki, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
  • 1/23/14
    NEC/SGE w/Roger Betancourt, University of Maryland
  • 1/16/14
    NEC w/Joseph Minarik, Committee for Economic Development
  • 1/9/14
    NEC w/Robert D. Atkinson, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (with Ben Miller)
  • 12/12/13 NEC w/Lawrence H. White, Mercatus Center, GMU
  • 12/5/13
    NEC w/Adam S. Posen, Peterson Institute: “Central Banks Have To Get Their Hands Dirty to Maintain Financial Stability”
  • 11/21/13
    NEC/SGE w/Kate Coventry, DC Fiscal Policy Institute
  • 11/19/13
    NEC Annual Members Dinner: Ben S. Bernanke, Fed Chairman
  • 11/14/13 NEC w/Michael Horrigan, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • 11/7/13
    NEC w/Mark Doms, US Dept of Commerce: “The Value of Government Economic Data”
  • 10/31/13
    NEC w/Frederick Treyz, REMI
  • 10/24/13
    NEC w/Jay Pelosky, New America Foundation
  • 10/17/13 NEC/SGE w/Richard Fry, Pew Research Center
  • 10/10/13
    Chad Moutray, National Association of Manufacturers
  • 10/3/13
    Edward Alden, Council on Foreign Relations
  • 9/26/13
    NEC w/ Antulio Bomfim, Macroeconomic Advisers
  • 9/18/13 NEC at the Embassy of Brazil: Featuring Nelson Barbosa Filho
  • 9/12/13
    NEC w/Ken Simonson, Associated General Contractors of America
  • 7/25/13
    NEC w/Mark J. Finley BP America
  • 7/18/13
    NEC w/Jonathan Rothwell, "The Hidden STEM Economy: Redefining High-Skilled Work"
  • 7/12/13 Please Do Plan to Attend unless you have registered in advance) NEC w/ The Beer Institute/Lester Jones: "The Economics of Beer"
  • 7/11/13
    NEC w/Jennifer Harris, US Dept of State
  • 6/27/13
    NEC w/Craig Lewis, US SEC
  • 6/20/13
    NEC/SGE w/Heidi Shierholz, Economic Policy Institute
  • 6/13/13 NEC w/Lawrence Yun, National Association of Realtors: "Housing Shortage . . . For How Long?"
  • 5/30/13
    NEC w/Kenneth Smith Ramos, Embassy of Mexico
  • 5/23/13
    NEC w/Amity Shlaes, Syndicated Columnist: The President Who Said 'No'"
  • 5/16/13
    NEC/SGE w/Sarah Bloom Raskin, Federal Reserve Board of Governors: "Prospects for a Stronger Recovery"
  • 5/9/13 NEC w/Deanna Okun,Adduci, Mastriani & Schaumberg: "Trade Policy: Its Impact on the US Economy"
  • 5/2/13
    NEC/SGE w/Peter Wallison, Author and Scholar: “The Causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis: A Dissenting View"
  • 4/25/13
    NEC w/John Silvia, Wells Fargo: "Economic Outlook, the Banking Sector and Developing Disequilibrium"
  • 4/18/13
    NEC at the Residence of the Ambassador of Brazil: Featuring Luciano Coutinho
  • 4/11/13 NEC w/ Keith Hall, GMU: "How has the Measured Unemployment Rate Performed during the Great Recession?"
  • 4/4/13
    NEC w/ Peter Davis, Davis Capital Investment Ideas: "Sequester, CR, and Little Long-Term Deficit Reduction"
  • 3/28/13
    NEC w/ Steve H. Hanke, JHU and CATO Institute: “The Anatomy of Misguided U.S. Monetary Policy: 1987-2012" (Short Members Meeting to follow)
  • 3/21/13
    NEC/SGE w/ Jerry Taylor, CATO Institute: "The (Qualified) Case for Government Intervention in Energy Markets: Theory & Practice"
  • 3/14/13 NEC w/Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, PIIE: “The Euro Area Crisis: Status in early 2013”
  • 2/28/13
    Michael Lind, New America Foundation: “History of the American Economy and Growth”
  • 2/21/13
    NEC w/Jun Saito, Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER): “What Japan Found in the Two Lost Decades: An Appraisal of the Abe-nomics”
  • 2/14/13
    Mark Zandi, Moody's Analytics: "5 Reasons for Optimism: The U.S. economy is on the cusp of much stronger growth" (THE EVENT IS AT CAPACITY--WE WILL BE UNABLE TO ACCOMMODATE WALK-INS TODAY
  • 2/7/13 Alice Rivlin, The Brookings Institution: “The Budget and the Debt: What’s Next?”(This event will take place as planned)
  • 1/31/13
    Heidi Hartmann
  • 1/24/13
    Robert Litan, Bloomberg Government: "Deficit Outlook and Negotiating Reductions"
  • 1/17/13
    NEC/SGE w/Stephen Entin, Tax Foundation
  • 1/10/13 NEC w/Mark DeWeaver, Quantrarian Capital Management: "Animal Spirits with Chinese Characteristics"
  • 12/17/12
    NEC Annual Members Dinner Edmund S. Phelps,
  • 12/13/12
    NEC w/Robert Kahn, Council of Foreign Relations: Key Global Risks for 2013: From Fiscal Cliff to
  • 12/6/12
    Robert D. Atkinson, ITIF
  • 11/29/12 NEC w/Neil Soss, Ph.D., Credit Suisse: “How Does the Current Business Cycle Inform the Long-Run Outlook?
  • 11/27/12
    TUESDAY: NEC w/ Martin Feldstein, Harvard University
  • 11/16/12
    FRIDAY NEC w/SGE: Bruce Bartlett, The Fiscal Times: “Prospects for Tax Reform"
  • 11/8/12
    Robert Hetzel, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond: "A Monetarist Criticism of Central Bank Monetary Policy in the Extended Great Recession: ECB Monetary Policy as a Template"
  • 10/25/12 David Montgomery, NERA Economic Consulting: "The Growing Burden of Federal Regulation"
  • 10/18/12
    NEC w/SGE: Stephen Harvey, EIA
  • 10/11/12
    Matt Slaughter, Dartmouth University: “Five Numbers Facing America Regardless of November 6, 2012”
  • 10/4/12
    Carolyn Campbell, Emerging Capital Partners
  • 10/2/12 NEC w/ Stephen Chaikind | Johns Hopkins University: "Economics of Wine"
  • 9/27/12
    NEC w/Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Ford Motor Corporation
  • 9/20/12
    NEC w/SGE: Kim Rueben, Urban Institute
  • 9/13/12
    NEC w David Wessel, Wall Street Journal
  • 9/6/12 NEC w/Ken Simonson, Associated General Contractors
  • 7/26/12
    NEC w/Ryan Avent, The Economist (Contact for available space:
  • 7/19/12
    NEC w/SGE: Alex Brill, American Enterprise Institute
  • 7/12/12
    NEC w/Megan McArdle, Special Correspondent, Newsweek, Daily Beast
  • 6/29/12 NEC w/Jared Bernstein and Douglas Holtz-Eakin
  • 6/21/12
    NEC w/SGE: Stephanie Aaronson, Treasury Department
  • 6/14/12
    NEC w/Peter Davis, Davis Capital Investment Ideas
  • 6/7/12
    NEC w/Susan Offutt, GAO
  • 5/31/12 NEC w/Peter Dixon, Monash University
  • 5/24/12
    NEC w/ Jeffrey Miron, Harvard University
  • 5/17/12
    NEC/SGE w/Olivier Blanchard, IMF and MIT
  • 5/10/12
    NEC/Dale Jorgenson, Harvard University
  • 5/7/12 NEC w/Indermit Gill (The Polish Ambassador's Residence)
  • 5/3/12
    NEC w/Martin Wolf, Financial Times, "Why the Eurozone Crisis Is Not Over"
  • 4/26/12
    NEC w/Charles Calomiris: Restructuring Prudential Bank Regulation to Make It Work."
  • 4/19/12
    NEC/SGE w/Candida Wolff, Citigroup
  • 4/12/12 NEC w/ Charles Plosser, Philadephia Federal Reserve
  • 4/5/12
    NEC w/ Andrew J. Sherman, Jones Day: "Harvesting Intangible Assets: Making the Most of Intellectual Property Management"
  • 3/29/12
    NEC w/ Martin Baily, Brookings: "Productivity Puzzles and the Recovery"
  • 3/22/12
    NEC w/Paul C. Taylor, NADA: “Retail Automotive in a Slow-Growth Economy”
  • 3/8/12 NEC w/ SGE: William Gale, Brookings Institution
  • 3/1/12
    NEC w/ John McClain, GMU, "The Outlook for the Washington Area Economy"
  • 2/23/12
    NEC w/ Arvind Subramanian, Peterson Institute
  • 2/16/12
    NEC w/SGE: Thomas Palley, New America Foundation
  • 2/9/12 NEC w/ Douglas Elmendorf, CBO: “Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2012 to 2022”
  • 2/2/12
    NEC w/Douglas G. Duncan, Fannie Mae: "2012 - Year of the Political Economy. How Will Housing Fare?"
  • 1/26/12
    NEC w/Ted Truman, Petersen Institute: “Unraveling the Euro Crisis” (NFIB Offices)
  • 1/19/12
    NEC w/SGE: Chapin D. White, Ctr for Studying Health System Change: "The Slowdown in Medicare Spending Growth: What Does it Mean?"
  • 1/12/12 NEC w/Dan Meckstroth, MAPI: "The Global Manufacturing Outlook" Please register by 1/10/12
  • 1/10/12
    Happy Hour with CFA Society of Washington DC
  • 1/5/12
    NEC w/Ethan Harris, Bank of America: "Recession or Recovery?" (No new reservations are being taken at this time; if previously reserved but not paid, your reservation is still valid)
  • 12/15/11
    NEC w/Jeffrey Kling, CBO and NBER : "CBO's Use of Evidence in Analysis of Budget and Economic Policies"
  • 12/8/11 NEC w/Len Nichols and James Capretta: “Both Sides Now: Bipartisan Healthcare Wrap-up” (Location is NFIB Offices)
  • 12/1/11
    NEC w/Michael Mandel, Progressive Policy Institute
  • 11/17/11
    NEC/SGE w/David M. Driesen, Syracuse University
  • 11/7/11
    NEC Annual Dinner w/ Jason Furman, White House Nat'l Economic Council (A few spaces are still available)
  • 11/3/11 NEC w/Greg Fager, The Institute of International Finance, Inc.
  • 10/27/11
    NEC w/Antulio Bomfim, "Unconventional Monetary Policy and the Yield Curve"
  • 10/20/11
    NEC/SGE w/Joseph Farrell, Federal Trade Commission
  • 10/6/11
    NEC w Ike Brannon, American Action Forum
  • 9/28/11 NEC w/Rudolph Penner, Urban Institute
  • 9/22/11
    NEC w/Jan Winiecki, Monetary Policy Council of the National Bank of Poland
  • 9/15/11
    NEC/SGE w/Phillip Swagel, AEI
  • 9/8/11
    NEC w/ Chad Moutray, NAM
  • 7/28/11 NEC w/JD Foster, The Heritage Foundation
  • 7/21/11
    NEC w/SGE: Donald Marron, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Ctr: "Spending in the Tax Code"
  • 6/30/11
    NEC: Ron Trostle, USDA/ERS
  • 6/23/11
    NEC: Traci Mach, Federal Reserve
  • 6/16/11 NEC w/SGE: Wendy Edelberg (Speaker Change)
  • 6/9/11
    NEC w/Sherry Glied, HHS/Planning & Evaluation
  • 6/2/11
    NEC w/Rakesh Kochhar, Pew Hispanic Center
  • 5/26/11
    NEC w/John Felmy, American Petroleum Institute
  • 5/19/11 NEC w/SGE: Bruce Bolnick, Nathan Associates, Inc.
  • 5/12/11
    NEC w/ Mark Zandi, Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics
  • 5/5/11
    NEC w/Paul Fronstin, EBRI
  • 4/28/11
    NEC w/Beethika Khan, Dept of Commerce, ESA
  • 4/21/11 NEC w/SGE: Nyantara Hensel, U.S. Dept of the Navy
  • 4/14/11
    NEC w/John Goodman, National Center for Policy Analysis
  • 4/7/11
    NEC w/Giuseppe Gramigna, SBA
  • 3/31/11
    NEC w/John Mousseau, Cumberland Advisors
  • 3/24/11 NEC w/ John Silvia, Wells Fargo
  • 3/17/11
    NEC/wSGE: John P. Heimlich, ATA "US Airlines: A Global Perspective from Inside the Beltway"
  • 3/10/11
    NEC w/Stephen Goss, Social Security Administration
  • 3/3/11
    NEC w/ Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac
  • 2/24/11 NEC w/ Douglas W. Elmendorf, Director CBO
  • 2/17/11
    NEC/wSGE: Oded Shenkar, "Copycats: How Smart Companies Use Imitation to Gain Strategic Edge"
  • 2/10/11
    NEC w/ Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Hudson Institute
  • 2/3/11
    NEC w/ Michael Horrigan, BLS
  • 1/27/11 NEC w/ John Goodman President & CEO The National Center for Policy Analysis
  • 1/20/11
    NEC/SGE w/Robert Lerman Urban Institute & American University
  • 1/6/11
    NEC w/ Maya MacGuineas, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
  • 12/2/10
    NEC w/ James Bullard, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis
  • 11/9/10 NEC Annual Dinner w/ Gary Gensler, CFTC
  • 10/26/10
    NEC w/ T. Timothy Ryan,Jr., SIFMA
  • 10/5/10
    NEC ON CAMPUS American University Panel Discussion

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