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About The National
Economists Club

About NEC

For more than half a century, the National Economists Club has been the premiere professional society for economics and economic policy professionals in the Washington D.C. area.
Through our unique weekly lunch speaker program, our Summer Signature event and our Annual Dinner, we host talks by top-level experts, such as Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, and numerous others, as well as fast-rising up-and-comers from all areas of economics and economic practice.

All of our programs adhere to a fiercely neutral and nonpartisan ethic. Our popular networking events further serve to brand the National Economists Club as a vital part of the intellectual and professional beat of the nation’s capital. NEC was founded in 1968 by Herb Stein and serves as the DC branch of the National Association for Business Economics.

Our Mission

The National Economists Club encourages the exchange of ideas on economics, business, and policy through meetings featuring leading experts in the field.

Members, mostly from around the nation’s capital, hail from business, government, academe, nonprofits, and international organizations. Our event programming features regular luncheons, receptions, and other events designed for socializing and networking. NEC is affiliated with the National Association for Business Economics, is nonpartisan, and takes no policy positions.