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Troy Wittek

Troy Wittek is a Senior Economist at Inforum. Troy received an MBA at the University of Baltimore in 2020 and a masters degree in Applied Information Technology from Towson University in 2012. He joined Inforum in 2006 and became a full-time Research Assistant in 2009. Troy’s responsibilities include collecting and analyzing detailed industry data for use in policy analysis, business planning, and academic research. He helps produce reports for a variety of audiences in the academic, government, and private sector.

Our Mission

The National Economists Club encourages the exchange of ideas on economics, business, and policy through meetings featuring high-profile speakers.

Members, mostly from around the nation’s capital, hail from business, government, academe, nonprofits, and international organizations. Luncheons, receptions, and other events are also designed for socializing and networking. NEC is affiliated with the National Association for Business Economics, is nonpartisan, and takes no policy positions