Board of Governors

A former investment professional and hedge fund manager, Robert Sherretta started his career on Wall Street more than thirty years ago as an analyst working for the FINANCIAL ANALYSTS FEDERATION, and has worked for several decades as a Registered Investment Advisor and an International Research Director for several of the world’s largest banking and investment institutions. These included CITIBANK/CITIGROUP, MORGAN STANLEY and the French banking group, SOCIETE GENERALE SECURITIES CORPORATION, which he served as Vice President of International Research on the institutional trading desk.

In New York, Mr. Sherretta created, published, and edited such reports as “Global Investing” (1987), “International Equity Bulletin” (1989). In Paris and working in Europe, he founded and published “Euromarket Intelligence” (1991) and “Europe’s Top 1000 Companies”. In Washington, D.C., Mr. Sherretta served as Vice President for the WEFA GROUP (Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates) which regularly forecasts economic development, currencies, commodities and global industrial sectors for over one hundred (100) nation economies.

In 1997, Mr. Sherretta launched an Independent Investment Research Advisory and Hedge Fund company.  In 2000, he Co-Founded INTERNATIONAL BOARD GOVERNANCE & INVESTMENT ADVISORS, which counseled Corporate Boards on Best Practices and Board Member selection.  His partner was the Founder and President Emeritus of the NADC (National Association of Corporate Directors).  In 2007 INTERNATIONAL INVESTOR, LLC closed its hedge fund and investment business and launched the television program, “INTERNATIONAL INVESTOR”, which examines Global Economic Development.

Mr. Sherretta also served as Founding/Interim President of the Chartered Education Planner (ChEP™) Certification Program (2007). Robert is an adjunct teacher for a course on “Media Censorship and Freedom” at the International Center for Language Studies in Washington, D.C.  He is a frequent guest lecturer and panelist on international economics.  (List available).  

Mr. Sherretta is a longtime member of the NATIONAL ECONOMISTS CLUB and the WASHINGTON ASSOCIATION OF MONEY MANAGERS.  He has served as a Board Member, Vice President and Treasurer for numerous for-profit and non-profit organizations.