Dr. Mark Hutson is an applied economist who specializes in forecasting and predictive analytics. Dr. Hutson currently serves as the manager of the Modeling, Statistics, and Data Science Group at Summit Consulting, LLC, where he oversees technical staff who specialize in econometrics, data visualization, and data analytics. In this role, Dr. Hutson will lead teams of researchers developing empirical answers to policy questions, often presenting to a variety of audiences including executives and technical staff.

Dr. Hutson’s work specializing in simulation, policy forecasting, and forecast evaluation. Using a variety of modeling tools, Dr. Hutson has had numerous engagements building, validating, verifying, and auditing complex modeling systems, as well as extensive work leading specialized teams in exploratory data analysis and predictive analytics for several government clients. Dr. Hutson has built, operated, and upgraded several models, including using machine learning techniques and more traditional structural approaches.

Dr. Hutson holds a Ph.D. in Economics from George Washington University. His dissertation was titled “Three Essays on Macroeconomic Forecasting”, including a publication in the journal Economic Modelling.