Dr. Amira Alghumgham is an Economist specialized in Fiscal & Tax policy. Dr. Alghumgham is currently a fiscal and tax policy consultant at the World Bank Group. Provides advisory services & analytics for governments & international organization around the world as part of the Global Tax Team.

Prior to working at the World Bank, Dr. Alghumgham was an affiliate researcher from 2015- 2019 at the Office of Revenue Analysis conducting research projects to explain and understand economic and fiscal trends in the District of Columbia. Also, analyzed public policy issues that is on interest to the District policymakers.

One of the papers Dr. Alghumgham produced, “Do Publicly subsidized Economic Development Projects Help their Neighborhoods to Grow Faster?”, using a differences-in-differences model, examines whether income and property values grew faster in DC neighborhoods with public investment than in comparable neighborhoods without public investments. This paper was well-received by her academic peers as well as public policy practitioners and won an award from the Economic Club of Washington DC, an influential civic organization focused on maintaining a vibrant business environment in the Washington, DC area.

Dr. Alghumgham, taught at undergraduate economics classes as an adjunct professor at Howard University and Bowie State University in 2018.  Dr. Alghumgham earned her Ph.D in Economics from Howard University in (2019), M.S. in Industrial Engineering in (2013) and M.A. in Economics in (2011) from New Mexico State University, and B.S in Economics in (2002) from King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia.