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Welcome to the National Economists Club Professional Opportunities Available Board. Listings may be submitted for economists at all career stages, from entry to senior, and for permanent, temporary, and short-term positions, as well as for consulting assignments and engagements.  To POST A JOB, CLICK HERE

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These listings are provided as a service to NEC members. Though every effort has been made to accurately reproduce listings, NEC makes no guarantees thereof. The individual and/or organizations cited are responsible for the information contained in each announcement.

(Current as of 6-22-16)

Investment & Economic Analysis Team in the Federal Highway Administration's Office of Transportation Policy Studies 

The Investment & Economic Analysis Team in the Federal Highway Administration's Office of Transportation Policy Studies is currently seeking a seasoned professional with expert knowledge of economic principles and their application in the analysis of transportation policy issues. The ideal candidate should have strong writing skills, and the ability to formulate, guide, and conduct in-depth economic studies of legislative and policy issues. The employee leads the development of economic modeling tools and should be skilled in the application of such tools in developing materials for a variety of audiences. See announcement number FHWA.HPL-2016-0006 on for information on applying. (6/16)



CBO, a nonpartisan agency that provides Congress with the objective analyses needed for economic and budgetary decisions, seeks economists for the following positions:

Assistant Director for Tax Analysis to lead a division which is responsible for forecasting federal revenues for CBO's official 10-year budget "baseline and for analyses related to federal tax policy. The successful candidate will work with CBO's Director and Deputy Director to formulate and implement a strategic, multidisciplinary analytical agenda. CBO's studies and reports reflect the best current thinking, and the Assistant Director is responsible for ensuring that CBO's analyses continue to meet rigorous standards. Applicants must have an advanced degree in economics or a related discipline”preferably a Ph.D.”and at least eight years of significant relevant experience.

Unit Chief to lead the Fiscal Policy Studies Unit of the Macroeconomic Analysis Division. The successful candidate will supervise a staff of about eight economists in the unit”most of whom have advanced degrees in economics”and help with the management of the division as a whole. Key responsibilities include identifying issues in fiscal policy that may require attention and research, leading and directing analysts as they do research and write about it, and overseeing the development of economic models used for policy analysis. Applicants must have Ph.D. in economics or a related discipline and at least seven years of significant relevant experience.

Macroeconomist to analyze a broad range of issues, contribute to CBO's recurring reports, and conduct original research. The macroeconomic division analyzes emerging developments in the economy, prepares semiannual forecasts of the U.S. economy, and assesses the macroeconomic effects of federal fiscal policy. Applicants must have a Ph.D. in economics or a closely related discipline, such as public policy or applied statistics, or a master's degree with at least five years' experience in macroeconomic forecasting, fiscal policy analysis, or macroeconomic consulting.

Applied Microeconomist/Modeler to conduct research and analysis on a broad range of federal tax policy issues using a variety of analytical techniques, including microsimulation. Work will include helping to add new capabilities to CBO's individual income tax microsimulation model and conducting empirical research. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in economics or a related discipline or a master's degree in one of those fields plus three years of relevant experience. They should have strong quantitative skills and experience using large microdata files.

Analysts address challenging issues in economics and public policy in a collegial environment that provides opportunities for research on numerous topics relevant to the agency's endeavors. Economists construct and improve cutting-edge models that underlie CBO's policy analyses and prepare CBO studies, memoranda, and testimonies. They are encouraged to pursue independent research projects related to CBO's broad mission and present this work at conferences and publish it in peer-reviewed journals, and circulate preliminary research through CBO's working paper series.

CBO may consider permanent residents of the United States who are seeking citizenship for employment.

Please visit  for more information and to apply.  (5/16)


Staff Director for the Office of Macroeconomic Analysis


The U.S. Treasury Department is looking for a staff director for the Office of Macroeconomic Analysis. This is an opportunity for a well-trained macroeconomist to have a meaningful impact on public policy. The director is a key adviser to the Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy and other senior Treasury staff on issues related to the business cycle and economic growth. The director supervises a team of highly trained economists who monitor and interpret incoming economic data, conduct macroeconomic research, and work with counterparts at Treasury and other government agencies to develop policies aimed at establishing and maintaining robust economic growth.

The director regularly engages with counterparts at the Office of Management and Budget and the Council of Economic Advisers on macroeconomic issues, including the development of the economic assumptions that underlie the Administration's budget projections. The director also meets with experts outside the U.S. government, including credit rating agency staff, business leaders, foreign officials, and scholars to discuss the state of the U.S. economy and future prospects. 

Necessary skills include management experience, knowledge of macroeconomic data, experience developing and implementing macroeconomic models, and the ability to communicate complex economic concepts to a lay audience verbally and in writing.

The vacancy announcement for the position is at those unfamiliar with federal government employment or hiring procedures, see this link for information on federal employment and application tips: (5/16)