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Event Materials

Event Materials 2016

October 6, 2016 -
Export-Import Bank: Background and Current Status
Erin Gulick, Senior Vice President, Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs, EXIM

September 8 -
One Child: The Story of China's Most Radical Experiment"

Mei Fong, Fellow at New America

June 22, 2016 -
Brexit Referendum
Stuart Mackintosh, The Group of Thirty
Summary  |  Slides

May 27, 2016 -
A Comparative Analysis of the Labor Markets for Professional Athelets

Will Kuntz, Director of Player Relations, Major League Soccer (MLS)

May 11, 2016 -
The Economic Consequences of Incarceration

Sandra Black, Member, Council of Economic Advisers (CEA)
No Summary | Slides

May 5, 2016 -
Greg Ip, Chief Economics Commentator, The Wall Street Journal
Summary | Slides

April 28, 2016 -
Shifting Tides: Global Fixed Investment Outlook
Michael Ryan, Principal Economist, IHS Global Insight
No Summary | Slides

April 14, 2016 -
U.S. and Global Economy
Jay Shambaugh, Member of Council of Economic Advisers
Summary | Slides

April 8, 2016 -
Income Inequality, Social Mobility, and the Decision to Drop Out of High School
Dr. Melissa S. Kearney, Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Maryland

March 31, 2016 -
What Does China Mean to the US?
Lisa Emsbo-Mattingly, CBE, 2015-2016 NABE President & Director of Research, Global Asset Allocation Group - Fidelity Investments

March 17, 2016 -
Society of Government Economists Luncheon
Does Social Security Continue to Favor Couples?
Nadia S. Karamcheva, Congressional Budget Office
Summary | Slides

March 10, 2016 -
Financial Transactions Taxes in Theory and Practice

Steven M. Rosenthal, Senior Fellow, Tax Policy Center at the Urban Institute
No Summary

February 18, 2016 -
The Manufacturing Economic Update

Dr Chad Moutary, Chief Economist, National Association of Manufacturers
No Summary | Slides

February 11, 2016 -
The Upcoming FCC Auction for Broadcast TV Spectrum
Harold Furtchgott-Roth, Ph.D., Former Commissioner, Federal Communications Commision and Current Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

February 4, 2016 -
The Macro Chinese Economy and Impacy on US Policy
Derek Scissors, Resident Scholar, Asian Studies, American Enterprise Institute

January 28, 2016 -
What BLS Statistics Tell Us About The Labor Market
Erica L. Groshen, BLS Commissioner
Summary  |  Slides

January 21, 2016 -
Climate Change Economics and Policy
Adele Morris, Fellow and Policy Director, The Brookings Institution

January 14, 2016 -
The TPP and the American Future
Kent Hughes, Publicy Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

January 7, 2016 -
The World Economy in 2016 and Beyond: Prospects and Challenge
Patrick Cirillo, Senior Advisor, International Monetary Fund

Event Materials 2015

November 19, 2015 -
High Rates of Taxation: Do They Deter Top Earners?

Mark Huggett, Professor of Economics at Georgetown University
  |  Slides

November 4, 2015 -
2015 Herbert Stein Memorial Lecture
Stanley Fischer, Vice Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve

CLICK HERE to access links to news stories and commentay by Stanley Fischer

October 29, 2015 -
Slow Productivity Growth
Martin Baily, Bernard L. Schwartz Chair, Economic Policy Development and Senior Fellow and Director of the Business and Public Policy Initiative, The Brookings Instituion

September 25, 2015 -
Credit Rating Agencies

Seth Carpenter, Acting Assitant Secretary for Financial Markets, U.S. Department of Treasury

September 17, 2015 -
How CBO Is Implementing Dynamic Sorting

Keith Hall, Director, Congressional Budget Office
Slides | Summary

July 23, 2015 -
Luddites, Anti-Vaccers and Modern Agriculture: Economic Implications of Technology Rejection
Robert Young, Chief Economist, American Farm Bureau Federation

July 9, 2015
Demographics and Retirement Savings: How They are Changing Household Demand for Bonds and the Implications for Bond Funds
Brian Reid, Chief Economist, Investment Company Institute


June 25, 2015 -
Enhancing Economic Opportunity for the Middle Class
Karen Dynan, Assistant Secrety for Economic Policy and Chief Economist, U.S. Treasury Department


May 14, 2015 -
The Supply Side of Health Care
Jeffrey Werling, Executive Direction, INFORUM/University of Maryland


May 7, 2015 -
The State of the World Economy
Olivier Blanchard, Chief Economist, IMF

April 23, 2015 -
Tax Reform: Whenever It Happens, This Is What You Need To Know
Warren Payne, Senior Tax and Trade Policy Advisor, Mayer Brown LLP

April 16, 2015 -
Distibutional Implications of Climate Policy Alternatives
Roberton C. Williams, Senior Fellow and Director of Academic Programs, Resources for the Future and Professor, University of Maryland

April 9, 2015 -
BP Energy Outlook 2035 (March 2015)
Mark Finley

March 12, 2015
The Great Race: The Global Quest For The Car of The Future
Dr. Levi Tilleman, Jeff and Cal Leonard Fellow, New America Foundation

February 26, 2015 -
Changes in U.S. Family Finances: Results from the Survey of Consumer Finances
Kevin Moore, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Summary  |  Slides

February 19, 2015 -
Inclusive Housing in Washington, DC
Peter A. Tatian, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center, The Urban Institute

January 8, 2015 -
Philosophic Battle for the Future of America
John Allison, President and CEO, Cato Institute

Event Materials 2014

December 18, 2014 -
Local Conditions and Delinquent Debt
Dr. Caroline Ratcliffe, Senior Fellow, Center on Labor, Human Services and Population, Urban Institute

February 6, 2014 -
Policy Uncertainty and Persistent Unemployment: Numerical Results from a New Approach
Patrick Anderson, Principal & CEO, Anderson Economic Group LLC

January 30, 2014 -
The Relative Significance of EPAs in Asia-Pacific
Kenichi Kawasaki, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Photos | Rapporteur

January 23, 2014
Unbundling Democracy: Tilly Trumps Schumpeter
Roger Betancourt, University of Maryland
Slideshow | Rapporteur

January 16, 2014
Fallout from the Great Budget Deal
Joe Minarik, Vice President, Committee for Economic Development